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Game NameSystem
Sailor Moon GameBoy
Samurai Shodown GameBoy
Samurai Shodown 3 GameBoy
San Francisco Rush 2049 GameBoy
Scorpion King : Sword of Osiris GameBoy
Scrabble GameBoy
Shadowgate classic GameBoy
Shanghai GameBoy
Shippo De Bun GameBoy
Simpsons : Bart vs. The Juggernauts GameBoy
Simpsons, The : Bart And The Beanstalk GameBoy
Simpsons, The : Bart vs. The Juggernauts GameBoy
Skate Or Die 2 : Tour de Thrash GameBoy
Skate or Die : Tour De Thrash GameBoy
Slam Dunk GameBoy
Small Soldiers GameBoy
Smurfs GameBoy
Smurfs Nightmare GameBoy
Smurfs, The GameBoy
Snoopy Magic Show GameBoy
Snoopy's Magic Show GameBoy
Snow Brothers Jr. GameBoy
Soccer Boy GameBoy
Soccer Mania GameBoy
Solar Strike GameBoy
Solar Striker GameBoy
Solitaire FunPak GameBoy
Solomon's Club GameBoy
Space Invaders GameBoy
Spanky's Quest GameBoy
Spankys Quest GameBoy
Spawn GameBoy
Speedball 2 GameBoy
Speedy Gonzales GameBoy
Spider-Man GameBoy
Spider-Man 2 GameBoy
SpongeBob SquarePants : Legend of the Lost Spatula GameBoy
Sports Illustrated Championship GameBoy
Sports Illustrated Championship Football And Baseball GameBoy
Spud's Adventure GameBoy
Spuds Adventure GameBoy
Spy Hunter/Mood Patrol GameBoy
Spy vs Spy : Operation Booby Trap GameBoy
Spy vs. Spy GameBoy
Spy vs. Spy : Operation Booby Trap GameBoy
SpyHunter GameBoy
Star Trek GameBoy
Star Trek : 25th Anniversary GameBoy
Star Trek : The Next Generation GameBoy
Star Trek Generations : Beyond the Nexus GameBoy
Star Wars GameBoy
Star Wars : Return of the Jedi GameBoy
Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back GameBoy
Star Wars : Yoda Stories GameBoy
Star X GameBoy
Starhawk GameBoy
Stop That Roach! GameBoy
Street Fighter 2 GameBoy
Street Fighter Alpha 3 GameBoy
Street Racer Deluxe GameBoy
Sumo Fighter GameBoy
Super Mario Advance GameBoy
Super Mario Bros. DX GameBoy
Super Mario Brothers Deluxe GameBoy
Super Mario Land GameBoy
Super Mario Land 1 GameBoy
Super Mario Land 2 GameBoy
Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins GameBoy
Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins GameBoy
Super Mario Land 3 GameBoy
Super Mario Land 3 : Wario Land GameBoy
Super Return of the Jedi GameBoy
Superman GameBoy
Superman : Countdown to Apokolips GameBoy
Sword of Hope GameBoy
Sword of Hope 2 GameBoy
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