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Game NameSystem
A Bug's Life GameBoy
A*mazing Tater GameBoy
Actraiser 2 GameBoy
Addams Family GameBoy
Addams Family 2 GameBoy
Addams Family 2 : Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt GameBoy
Advance GTA GameBoy
Adventure Island GameBoy
Adventure Island 2 GameBoy
Adventure Island II GameBoy
Adventures Of Lolo GameBoy
Adventures Of Lolo 2 GameBoy
Adventures Of Pinocchio, The GameBoy
Aero Star GameBoy
Aerobiz GameBoy
Aerostar GameBoy
Afterburst GameBoy
Air Force Delta GameBoy
Aladdin GameBoy
Aladdin GameBoy
Alfred Chicken GameBoy
Alice In Wonderland GameBoy
Alien 3 GameBoy
Alien vs Predator GameBoy
Aliens 3 GameBoy
Aliens vs Predator GameBoy
All-Star Baseball '99 GameBoy
All-Star Baseball 2000 GameBoy
All-Star Baseball 2001 GameBoy
Alleyway GameBoy
Altered Space GameBoy
Altered Space : A 3-D Alien Adventure GameBoy
Amar Story GameBoy
Amazing Penguin GameBoy
Amazing Tater GameBoy
American Idol GameBoy
Amida GameBoy
Animaniacs GameBoy
Animaniacs Pinky and the Brain GameBoy
Antz GameBoy
Aoki Densetsu Shoot! GameBoy
Armada : F/X Racers GameBoy
Armorines : Project S.W.A.R.M GameBoy
Armorines : Project S.W.A.R.M. GameBoy
Army Men 2 GameBoy
Asteroids GameBoy
Asteroids (GBC) GameBoy
Asteroids/Missile Command GameBoy
Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom GameBoy
Atomic Punk GameBoy
Austin Powers : Welcome To My Underground Lair! GameBoy
Austin Powers Oh Behave GameBoy
Avenging Spirit GameBoy
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