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You're viewing Samurai Warriors Cheat Codes

Game Name : Samurai Warriors
System : Playstation 2
Date Added : 2004-05-16 07:12:52
Views : 36807
Result - Code
Takeda Shingen - Clear Sanada Yukimura's scenario.
Mori Ranmaru - Clear Akechi Mitsuhide's scenario.
Lord Oda Nobunaga - Clear Oichi's, Saiga Magoichi's, and Nouhime's
Saiga Magoichi - Clear any scenario once.
Okuni - Clear Maeda Keiji's scenario.
Nouhime - Clear Mori Ranmaru's scenario.
Meada Keiki - Clear Uesugi Kenshin's scenario.
Kunoichi - Clear both Hattori Hanzou's and Takeda Shingen's scenarios.
Ishikawa Goemon - Clear Okuni's scenario.
Date Masamune - Clear any two scenarios.

New Edit General Models
While training a new general, achieve an attack of 50 by the fourth month.
A doujou-yaburi will show up to challenge you. Defeat him (he can only be
defeated with a Musou Ougi) and you will unlock a new character model.
This can be repeated up to 4 times.
Result - Code
Masked Armored Male - First time
Masked Armored Female - Second time
Priest Male - Third time
Priest Female - Fourth time

Alternate Costume
Result - Code
Alternate Costume (JP Version) - Finish a character's musou mode to
unlock their alternate costume, select by pressing triangle
Alternate Costume (US Version) - Finish a character's musou mode to
unlock their alternate costume, select by pressing circle

Easter Eggs
Fight Lu Bu
You can face Lu Bu from the Dynasty Warriors series by reaching the 30th
floor in the Abyss level of Survivor mode.

Easy AI in Hell difficulty
This glitch is the same one from Dynasty Warrior 4: Xtreme Legends. It
lowers the enemies' AI so that it attacks and blocks a lot less
frequently. However, the strength, HP and defense remain at original
1. Create game in normal, hard or hell difficulty.
2. Save after the game begins.
3. Change difficulty to easy.
4. Restart saved game and note the change in the AI.
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