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You're viewing Pirate Adventuree Cheat Codes

Game Name : Pirate Adventuree
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-07-09 22:01:09
Views : 28068
Cheat :
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Coke . It's time for Pirate Adventure! So, don't just stand there, grab the crackers, sneakers and rum, then "Go Stairs." Hmmmm, wonder if there's anything interesting to read in that bookcase? Let's find out. "Get Book." Aha! A secret passage is revealed! "Go Passage," then East. Get the torch and duffel bag, then examine the bag. Some matches will fall out. Drop the bag , and get the matches. Now head back West twice. Read the book, which tells you that the magic word is "Yoho." Next, "Go Window," and say the word. Amazing! You're now on a sandy island beach.

Drop the book and sneakers, then go East. There's a shack here, so let's Maybe the pirate's thirsty, so give him the rum. Ah, he takes it and runs off! Now it's your turn to run off, since you don't need the parrot right now, and you can't open the chest yet either. So, go West, then East, which brings you to the cave-ridden hill.

"Go Path," and you're at the top of the hill. There isn't much here except a crack, but it looks like you just might make it through, so "Go Crack." This brings you into a cave, which is a bit dark, so you had better light the torch. That's better! Now you can see that there is a shed here, as well as some lumber and sails. Go into the shed, pick up the hammer and the water wings, then head North, and go back through the crack. "Unlight Torch" , then go back down the hill and continue West until you return to the beach. PIRATE ADVENTURE Part Two:
Okay, drop the wings, torch, matches, and sack, and get the book and sneakers. Say the magic word, and you will find yourself back on the window ledge again. Go inside, and make your way to the secret passage. Head East, and find the pirate sleeping off the rum. Don't disturb him; just pick up the empty rum bottle and tiptoe out again. Now go downstairs to where the rug is. The rug is nailed down, so "Get Nails," then "Get Rug." Underneath is a ring of keys. Drop the rug, get the keys, and head on back upstairs to the window ledge. Say the magic word once again.

On the beach, drop the book, hammer, sneakers, and nails, then get the water wings and "Go Lagoon." The tide should be coming in now. If it isn't, you'll have to wait for it. Go North, and you will be in the ocean. Get the fish, and also some water . Then it's back South twice to the beach.

Drop the wings, get the torch and matches, and move along East twice to the bottom of the hill. Light the torch and go down. Hmmmm. Hungry-looking crocodiles! Good thing you have the fish with you! Feed the crocs, drop the bottle, and unlock the door. "Go Hall" and East. Surprise! There are lumber and sails here . But first, go into the shed and get the shovel. Now pick up the lumber and sails, and go West into the hall. From there, go to the pit, go up, then West, and you're out of the cave. Time to unlight your torch and make yet another trip back West to the beach.

Once there, drop the lumber, sails, torch, and matches, and return to the shack. Now you can open the chest with your keys. Look inside two times, because there are two items inside: a map and plans for building a pirate ship. Get both of those and the parrot and, once again , go back to the beach. Wait for the tides to change, then go into the lagoon again. This time, the tide should be out, and you can dig up the anchor. Get that, and go back South to the beach. Drop the anchor. The magic moment is almost here. "Build Ship," and there, by golly, is a pirate ship! However, before you go sailing off on the bounding main, you do need someone to run the ship.

Grab the sneakers and book, and , say "Yoho." Now go wake up the pirate, and return to the beach. Drop the book and sneakers again, then "Go Ship," and "Set Sail." Finally! Treasure Island! Go to the beach and dig. The pirate will grab some of the rum and take off. Now go South through the graveyard , then East into a field. "Pace 30," then dig, and you will uncover a wooden box. Get that, then drop the shovel and "Go Monastery." Oh boy! Deadly black mamba snakes! Good thing you still have the parrot with you. Drop the parrot. He will chase off the snakes, and you can pick up the "dubleons" .

Okay, head West twice, wake the pirate, then go North to the beach. "Go Ship" and "Set Sail." You're back on the pirate's island now. "Go Beach" and get the hammer. Now you can open the box and get the stamps . Drop the hammer and box, and get the book and sneakers. Say "Yoho," then go inside and down the stairs. Drop the two treasures and say "Score." WHEW! You won the game!
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