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You're viewing Adventureland Cheat Codes

Game Name : Adventureland
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2004-12-24 21:13:31
Views : 29490
Here you stand in a forest, about to start your adventure. Move along East,
and tiptoe past the sleeping dragon. Go East again to the lake. Get the
axe <leave the fish for now, since you have no way of getting them yet>,
then head North into the quicksand bog. Pick up the blue ox <WOW! A
treasure already!>, then say the magic word on the axe. Gee, where did
everything go? Well, look at it this way: at least you can "Swim" back to
the lake.
Now go South to the bottomless hole. Carefully "Go Hole," and pick up the
flint and steel. Go up <easy, it's a long way down!>. Then it's West into
the swamp, and West again to the hidden grove. Surprise! There's the axe
and the ox, along with another treasure. Get everthing, and go back East.
Climb the tree, get the keys, and climb down again. Now, "Chop Tree." Drop
the axe <you won't need it again>, get the mud, then, "Go Stump." Once
inside the stump, drop the mud, ox and fruit. Go down to the root chamber,
pick up the rubies, then go up and drop them off. Easy, isn't it?
Okay, time for more treasures. Get the lamp and rub it twice. Each time you
rub the lamp, a genie appears and leaves a treasure. Just make sure you
don't rub it more than two times, or the genie will come out and *TAKE AWAY*
a treasure! <Can't win the game that way!> Now, go down into the root
chamber, and "Go Hole." Open the door and drop the keys. Light the lamp
<it's dark up ahead>, and "Go Hall." Then continue down to the cavern. From
the cavern, trek South and pick up the bladder. Now it's time for a return
trip, so move along North, then up until you're out of the stump and back in
the swamp again <by the way, any time the chiggers chomp on you, just get
the mud, then drop it again. Also, "Unlight Lamp" when you get back to the
root conservation helps!>. "Get Gas," then "Go Stump."
Now head back down to the cavern <remember to light the lamp before going
into the hallway!>, then go South and up. Drop the bladder and "Ignite
Gas." *BOOOOM!* You just blew a hole in the bricked-up window. "Go Hole,"
then jump <don't worry, you can make it to the other side safely>. Ummmm,
hello, bear! Well, he doesn't look too mean, but it's better not to take
any chances, so "Yell." As the startled bear falls down towards the bottom
of the chasm, pick up the magic mirror <carefully, it's *VERY* fragile!>,
then "Go Throne." Grab the crown and go West to the ledge. Jump over again,
then West. Pick up the fire bricks on your way out <heavy stuff, but you'll
be needing them soon>, and go down and North. After that, make your way up
again to the treasure room in the stump.
Drop off *ONLY* the crown. *DO NOT* drop the mirror! Okay, now get the
bottle of water, and go down again. This time, drop the flint just before
you go into the hallway. Go down to the cavern, and from there, down again
into the maze of pits. From the "Opposite of Light" sign, go down, West, and
down. Pick up the rug, then go down again and you're at the bottom of the
chasm. "Build Dam," then drop the remaining bricks <you had a few left
over>. "Look Lava," and there's a firestone. It's still pretty hot, so
"Pour Water." Now get the stone and the golden net. Hmmmm, but how to get
out of here? Well, that sign might help. "Say Away" twice and, voila!
you're in the meadow again <ahhh! fresh air!>. Unlight the lamp, then go
South <to the swamp> and over to the stump.
Drop the firestone, the rug, and the mirror. Make sure that you drop the
rug *BEFORE* you drop the mirror! <Otherwise, seven years of bad luck and
you won't be able to finish the game!> Now, get out of the stump, go East to
the hole, and North to the lake. "Get Water," then "Get Fish" <can't get
them without the net, you see>. Return to the stump, and drop off the fish
and the net, in that order. Pick up the mud, and head back down to the
cavern. Remember to get the flint and light the lamp before entering the
hallway! ADVENTURELAND Part Three
Once in the cavern, go North. At this point, you should save the game. Up
ahead are the African bees, which you will need to get rid of the dragon.
Unfortunately, this part of the game seems to be random, and sometimes the
bees will suffocate and die before you can bring them out. I have never
found a surefire method for keeping the bees alive, so save the game here
and hope you won't have to restore it too many times! <If anyone does find
a way to keep the bees alive, please let me know!> Okay, now that the game
is saved, go North again. Get the honey, pour out the water, and get the
bees. <If the bees sting you, and you find yourself in limbo, either restore
your saved game or "Go Up" to return to life in the outdoors.>
Once you have the bees, head back South to the cavern, then all the way back
up to the swamp. If the mud hasn't fallen off yet, drop it here before
going on <the dragon *HATES* the smell of mud, and will most certainly kill
you if you go near her with it -- yes, *HER*!>. All right, now head North
and "Drop Bees." The dragon will become annoyed and fly away, leaving
behind some precious and rare eggs. Pick up the eggs, then return to the
stump. Drop the eggs and the honey, then say "Score." *** YIPPPPEEEE! ***
You did it!! <Whew! You deserve to take some time out now and relax! But
wait...could that be a pirate flag I see on the horizon...?

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