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You're viewing Dragon Warrior 3 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Dragon Warrior 3
System : GameBoy Color
Date Added : 2005-06-14 18:51:53
Views : 9003
More Sages
There are two Zen Scroll Books in every game, but you do not necessarily need the book to create a Sage. When you get stronger, change one of your characters into a Jester. Then train it to level 20 and bring it to the Dharma Temple. The Sage option is automatic for any Jester at level 20. It is possible to have more than one Sage per game.

Monster Medals
Monster Medals come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold (in that order). In order to get a Silver Medal, you must have a Bronze. To get a Gold, you have to have the Silver. It takes time to get all of the medals. To focus on the medal you want, kill that monster last.

Bonus dungeon
Collect all the Monster Coins in the game to unlock a new dungeon.

Second Zen Scroll
A second Zen Scroll is located in a house at Rimuldar, when you reach it later in the game. Look in the dresser in the house northwest of the Blacksmith Shop in Rimulder in Alfgard.

Suit changes
Some armor changes the appearance of you characters. For example, the common Plush Suit that adds 35 to your defense will change your character into a squirrel. If you have a female in your party and you get a Magic Swimsuit from a Merking in Alegard, that character will appear with the bathing suit on.

Better characters
When you are getting your allies, do not get the ones that are pre-made for you. Instead, go upstairs and make a warrior, a mage, and a cleric. For the Warrior, use three Str seeds and two Vit seeds. For the Mage, use three Int seeds and two Str seeds. For the cleric, use three Wis seeds and use two Int seeds to increase your mana.

After you defeat Zoma and you have the title as Loto, go to the Queen Dragon's Castle. Go all the way to the north where the elf is locatedand stand in the beam. Note: You should be at least level 45.

Easy levels
To get a high amount of levels, get the Blade Armor then go into Gonga's castle. Move around and try to encounter a Metababble and attack it. Only have one or two characters on your team. When it hits the character with the Blade Armor once, it will always get hit back for half the damage +1.

Have any character have at least one heal spell. Equip the Wreck Whip to them, and if they are female, the Light Dress. Warp to Rimuldar and walk to Zoma's Castle. You should fight with one person. Each fight you get into will result in 6,000 to 19,999 experience points.

All spells
To get almost all spells, keep changing everyone to a different class and fight around Gondo to level up. For example, change to Dealer, then Thief, then Jester, then Sage.

Easy experience
Choose any character to go to the Pachisi track in Kol. Sometimes when you fight some monsters and get the experience points, you will go to level 99. This has happened to a Hero, Sage, and Fighter.

Defeating Mettabels
To defeat a Mettabel faster than equipping the Blade Armor, just have a two Sages or Mages with a lot of speed. Make sure they have the magic, BeDragon. Cast the magic at the beginning of the battle around Rimuldar area, and hopefully you will get into contact with at least six of them. Cast BeDragon and have the attacker spew fire. Note: You can not control the Dragon. It should inflict about 90 to 120 HP of damage, earning you about over 30,000 experience points.

Experience for levels
All levels after 50 take the same amount of experience as from going from levels 49 to 50.

Defeating Lord Baramos
When you first come in contact with Lord Baramos, immediately cast Stopspell or he will hit you with Explodet and Blaze Most. Then, have one person that knows spells use Twin Hits on your two best fighters. Then, have that same person use Increase. Have the other spellcaster use Increase also. You need about five to seven Increases to stop is physical blows. When Baramos does a non-magical fire attack, cast HealUs. Just keep attacking without using magical spells -- unless one of your mages has low attack power, then use magic. With these tips, you should defeat him in less than five minutes. Party members should be at level 32 or higher.

Have at least three people on your team knows the Barrier spell. As the fight starts, cast the magic. All of the spells such as Explodet will be reflected. Also use the Magic Increase, and Speed Up to get your attacks in faster and better. Using TwinHits to increase your attack also works well.

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