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You're viewing Night Flier, The Cheat Codes

Game Name : Night Flier, The
System : DVD Video
Date Added : 2005-01-31 15:31:48
Views : 19952
Bonus Trailer & Freakshow Gorilla Glint
For both eggs, just move your cursor [Down] to the [Special Features] button and move your cursor [Left or [Right. Both times you'll highlight a blue face. The one on the left is a trailer for "The Curious Dr. Hummp" which is available on disc from Something Weird, and the right one pulls up a bit of film concerning a freakshow gorilla girl.

Special Thanks
At the [Main Menu], go to [Subtitles], push [Right], this will highlight a HBO Home Video logo, press [Enter].

Stephen King bonus
Select the "About The Film" option from the main menu. Advance to the last "Stephen King" screen. Press Up to highlight his name and press Enter to view a brief animated sequence, additional information about the author, and links to some web sites.

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