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Game Name : Boxing
System : Atari 2600
Date Added : 2005-01-30 15:16:03
Views : 11636
Match Strategy 1
As in most boxing games, the key is to keep the correct distance. Of course you want to win, but you can't do so if you just attack, wild punches thrown are not usually the right way to win in this game. I recommend you keep your distance with your opponent, to avoid his powerful combinations. The computers tend you corner you and then simply pound away atyou, try to avoid this at all costs, because this get puts them ahead in the score cards. So, attack now and then, and keep your distance.

Match Strategy 2
Another key factor is to never stay in one spot of the ring for too long. This will result in a bad beating from your opponent, instead, outsmart your opponent by moving around the ring at all times. If you stay in one spot for to long, the computer will try cornering you and deliver some harsh punches atyou, obviously you don't want this.

Match Strategy 3
Try cornering your opponent in one of the four corners of the ring, to prevent him from moving around and attacking you. This can be very helpful to you as this can very easily put your score high above his. But try to avoid the computer from using this tactic on you. Trapping your opponent on the ropes also helps, using combos when performing this tactic is a great way to get the upper hand on your opponent in terms of scoring. Although the computer opponent can sometimes sneak their way out with the classic "sucker punch" a punch in which the opponent hits you with a cheap shot to stop your combos. This is pretty unavoidable, but if this happens follow him as he trys to get out of the corner or the ropes you have him trapped on, so that he will remain trapped and you still will be in control of the fight.

Match Strategy 4
Line up your punches correctly so that they hit your opponents head, and not their gloves. No damage is done if the punch hits their gloves. Anyway, arrange yourself so that line your left or right glove up with the opposite side of the opening (Example: Line your left glove up with the right side of your opponents head, or vice versa) and release your punch, and it will hit them effectively. Your at a risk, since both you and your opponent will be open for a punch, but some chances must be taken.

Match Strategy 5
Try to get the first punch when the bout begins. This is good because you can start off the match on a good note. Plus it can get you in a good early routine and possibly into a good pattern for later in the match. But don't put your face in the enemies range. Wait until the time is right and simply punch away at your opponent.

Match Strategy 6
Another piece of advice and probably the most helpful tip, is to use various combinations. For example, once you hit your opponent with one decent punch, follow it up with a punch of the opposite hand. Meaning after you throw a successful right punch, follow it up with a left punch, and then another right, etc. These helps your score a great deal. But use this strategy with caution, as your opponent slips in some "sucker punches" when your on a hot streak to halt your combo.

Scoring a KO
Scoring a Knockout (KO!) is very tough to pull off at first, but if you use combos and practice often, you will get a KO sooner or later.

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